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  Here's Charlie's Moment again! In the winners circle! May 24th 2009 in the Laz Barrera Memorial Stakes. Look, do you see another horse at the finish with him? Of course not! He took the lead early and won by 2 lengths!! He had 2 massages (one a week before and one the day before) and the competition just couldn't catch him!

I just love it when everybody's "delighted" with a performance!  



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More photos in this album!
The links, on the left are to just a few  things I think you might like to check out for yourself, and here's why:
The Japan Shiatsu Center in Downey is the best place I know of to experience a Shiatsu massage for yourself. It's worth the drive. 
eZall is the best horse shampoo I have ever used! It is so easy and fast you'll be amazed! I can bathe 3 horses in the time it used to take for just one, and they are clean!
Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship. What can I say? This "mate" knows how to train a horse! His clinic's and tours are something to see if you ever get a chance. You can catch him on RFD TV also.  
Natural hoof care - so much is being discovered with regard to this!
Geary Whiting, my teacher. He really has a heart for what he is doing, and it shows. He genuinely cares about his students and the horses that they will benefit. 
Norco Horsemen's Assn.  a great group of people working to protect and maintain the rural lifestyle in Horsetown, USA.
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