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Whether you are looking for someone to massage your horse, or you would like to learn how to massage your own horse, I'm "delighted" you stopped by!
The technique we use is one of the most powerful healing tools there are in the world! It is Shiatsu massage. While it is not too difficult to learn, it is so powerful that I am convinced that you will "be delighted" with your horses improved performance when you utilize this massage technique. Just like massage benefits the human body your horse will appreciate massage and I think you will appreciate the (sometimes amazing) changes in them that you are sure to experience! Such as improved flexibility and willingness, better attitude, longer strides, smoother gait, and a stronger better performance! It's all good! I invite you to read on "About our Massage" - B

We are pleased to offer :

  • Equine Massage services - requires 1 to 1 1/2 hours per horse, your presence suggested for first massage but not required. 
  • Individual instruction - learn while we massage.
  • Clinics - Informative and fun for your group. Includes a "Clinic Refresher DVD" for each participant. -So you won't forget what you learned! It's easy to learn, but you may want to refresh your memory on certain areas. 

**Please contact us for our affordable prices, as they may vary depending on your location (travel distance) and number of participants. We are in the Temecula Valley area and serve primarily Southern Calif area for individual massages. 

  • Member of Hands-on Trade Assn ~ Insured ~ Calif Horse Racing Board licensed

 Massage is not intended to replace regular veternarian care; however, it certainly can enhance the natural healing abilities of the horse, even when recovering from certain illness or injury. Massage helps support and stimulate the immune system. It compliments chiropractic care as well, as massage will better prepare the muscles to react favorably to chiropractic adjustments. Enhanced flexibility and suppleness of the muscles assist in maximizing the horse's physical potential, and reduce the opportunity for injury as well. 
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